Sri Krishna Janmashtami, the appearance day of Lord Krishna, is the most auspicious day on which Lord Krishna appeared in this world to please his devotees and annihilate the demons. The tenth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam  provides a beautiful narration of this entire pastime.

This auspicious festival would be celebrated on 2nd september this year. This page offers all the information you may need about this festival and to facilitate your visit.

At Vaishnava Temples, this happens to be the biggest festival of the year with lakhs of devotees visiting the temple for a darshan (seeing) the Lord.

Festivities begin in the morning and goes on up mid-night. Various stalls throughout the  temple campus provide the visitors to learn about the Lord Krishna’s pastimes through books, dramas, Q & A. After the darshan, all the devotees would be served a sumptous feast prasadam.